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Gurkha 1816 showcases historic relation between Nepal and Britain which will take you back over 200 years of memory lane and amazes you with ‘exquisite dining experience’ which is rare at this era. Inspired by and named in honour of the famous Nepalese combatant, Gurkha 1816 is to liberate and promote authentic Nepalese cuisine with aromatic complementation of Indian cuisine and complete with British cuisine, in extremely classic and yet also modern stylishness. Our menu provides our customers with spontaneous choices of dish, each carrying limitless character of its own.


After series of bitter conflicts between Nepal and Britain, a mutual respect and admiration developed. In 1816, a peace treaty was signed between Chandra Sekhar Upadhyaya (representing the government of Nepal) and General David Ochterlony (representing the East Company, Britain). Nepal and Britain did not just get along but they were bonded together and indomitable Nepalese warriors were invited to join the British Army.

Unique combination created by our master chefs, Ram & Dhakendra, who have travelled around the world developing their skills in preparing Nepalese, British, Indian and other fresh local food in some of the finest locations to produce these ingredients. After 2 decades of experience in culinary art and personalized service, Dhakendra, Ram & Chhetra collaborated to establish Gurkha 1816, which not only delivers delicious dishes but also opens the door to warm welcoming restaurant design, personalized approach to customer service ,given the historical significance it compliments. The restaurant reminisces the golden era in modern way and is a celebration of aesthetics with its choicely done interiors, menu and service that is truly a reaction of perfection.